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A. Neuman Associates Inc. is a boutique firm dedicated to providing litigation support, forensic and investigative accounting services to lawyers, insurance companies, government and law enforcement agencies and the broader business community.

A. Neuman Associates Inc. draws from its expertise in its own discipline, as well as that of its roster of  professionals in related fields including surveillance and tracing, valuations involving mergers and acquisitions, insolvency, taxation, and property appraisal services.

We pride ourselves in our hands-on approach while providing you with the benefits of personalized, knowledgeable and creative services on a confidential basis, while realizing the need to be cost effective.

As investigative and forensic accountants, our firm can provide assistance in many areas such as the evaluation of liability, claims assessment, economic damage quantification and reconstruction of records.

Over the years we have successfully completed engagements from established multi-disciplined law firms as well as boutique litigation firms practicing in Ontario.

In addition, we have been directly retained by insurance companies, businesses, law enforcement agencies and the federal and provincial governments, in confidential assessments, and various litigious matters.

Please see the "Practice Areas" and "Services" section of this website to obtain more information as to were we can be of assistance to you. 


A. Neuman Associates Inc.